Mr. Ideahamster's Consultation Rates

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Who is Mr. Ideahamster?
Mr. Ideahamster is the nom de guerre for Patrick Staley, a talented problem solver. Before dedicating himself to teaching he solved problems in the following areas: navigation, image processing, embedded systems, communications, air vehicle synthesis, microprocessor programming, etc.

As a teacher, Mr. Ideahamster has pioneered easy online posting for teachers; produced several hundred instructional videos; developed a successful school scheduling tool; serves as the Excel help desk and cybrarian for mathematics, science and engineering; and is a primary instructional innovator at Southwestern College.

As a manager he served as head of a software division, mathematics department chair, teachers union president, academic senate president, and president of his own consulting business.

What can Mr. Ideahamster do?
Mr. Ideahamster is particularly good at finding sensible solutions to perplexing problems. Mr. Ideahamster can provide a new look at problems that have stumped others and solve or direct the solution in situations where others have failed. He is innovative and dedicated.

In what areas does Mr. Ideahamster have expert knowledge?
Although Mr. Ideahamster solves problems in all areas there are some areas in which he has particularly deep experience and/or understanding. Mr. Ideahamster is particularly knowledgeable in the following: mathematics education, calculus instruction, teaching introductory statistics, making instructional videos, Excel, time management and goal setting, evaluating math teachers, scheduling community college classes, assessing what others are thinking, online posting schemes for teachers, computer programming, organizing paper documents, and ensuring consistence of teaching mathematics.

What are Mr. Ideahamster's Rates?
On expert topics the basic rate is $400/hour plus expenses with a 1/2 hour minimum. On topics requiring background investigation the rate is $200/hour plus expenses. Travel time is billed at $50/hour. Services provided are proprietary to one customer only, i.e. you can use, but will not be allowed to resell or divulge, Mr. Ideahamster's work product without his written consent. For some good causes Mr. Ideahamster may offer lower rates with the stipulation that the customer agrees in advance to do what he/she is told to do.

Do Not Abuse Mr. Ideahamster's Time. Do Not Ask for His Opinion Unless You Value It.