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ODE Solver Notes

To run an additional 500 steps-- copy the last step, B2010:O2010 of the 12D version, to the first step, B10:O10. Use "past special..." values. You can repeat this as many times as necessary. This feature will eventually be implemented as a macro.

The RK4d12 solver is easily extended to higher dimensional state vectors. If you have a pressing need for a higher dimension solver and are not able to do it yourself, click on feedback above and make a request from mr-ideahamster.

The extract macro is an advanced filter implemented with the code:
Range("main!table").AdvancedFilter Action:=xlFilterCopy, CriteriaRange:= _
     Range("extract!filt_crit"), CopyToRange:=Range("extract!dest"), Unique:=False
The filter criteria is n>=0.

The main!table range on the main sheet mirrors the extract!dest range on the extract sheet. When reducing or increasing the size of the state vector, y, complimentary changes should be made in both ranges.

There are no plans to add a varying step size.