MIH Movie Samples

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Newton Newton's Method. Graphical walk through demonstrating the basis for using Newton's method to solve f(x) = 0. The Newton's Method page has more movies demonstrating Newton's method on Excel and various calculators.
minesweeper Minesweeper. A beginner's guide to how to play the Windows game of minesweeper. The How To page has other game instruction including Sudoku, Freecell, Nurikabe, Killer Sudoku, and Hearts.

Online Documents from Handwritten Originals. Demonstration and advice including scanner settings for producing online documents from handwritten originals. The Prepare Online Docs section of the How To page has similar movies for Password Protecting a PDF Document, and Procedures for Hyperlinks and URLs.

accountant Freeze Panes for Large Excel Worksheets. Freeze panes is an Excel technique that leaves the row and column headers visible while scrolling through the worksheet. The Excel-Tutor page contains over forty Excel instruction movies. The Excel movies progress from a total beginner level through solving differential equations and 3D graphs of solids of revolution. My students' favorites are the ones on Numerical Effects of Fixed Radix Computations.
dna BioInformatics Teaser. This movie demonstrates how to peruse the primary genomic website for the entire beginner. It is a fascinating experience even for those of us with a very limited knowledge of biology. To do this yourself you should watch the precursor movie--the Bioinformatics Getting Started movie.
x-ray Lumbar Spine X-ray Analysis. This movie is a walk through of X-ray photographs of MIH's lumbar spine region. The misalignment of vertebrae in this movie is called Spondylolisthesis. The movie has been touted by several doctors as the best description they have ever seen.
happy calculator Graphing Calculator Sample. This movie discusses/demonstrates the calculate menu functions on the TI-84 calculator. This movie is from a series of TI Graphing Calculator Training movies. Calculus teachers will enjoy Demonstrating the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus on the TI-84 calculator (prerequisite movies are Differentiation and Integration).
monitor world Change Screen Resolution. Demonstration of how to use windows to change your screen resolution from the coarse low resolution to fine high resolution and vica versa. The Do Windows section of the How To page contains other Windows Technique Movies including Setting the Desktop Background to a Photo, Blocking and Unblocking Cookies, Internet Explorer Cleanup, Emptying the Recycle Bin, Setting the Screen Saver, and Putting Shortcuts on the Desktop.