Things That Are Obvious

37 Religion is like wine--a little bit can soothe the psyche in stressful times, but too much can turn you into a blathering idiot.
36 Ultimately people must choose between awareness and delusion. Those who choose delusion then go on to spout off stuff like "You must choose between good and evil". And of course they have incorrectly assigned delusion as good and awareness as evil.

Martyrdom proves neither the rightness nor the righteousness of your cause.

34 The truly devious person does not look devious at all.
33 Telling the truth is often optional. But respecting the truth is always mandatory, i.e. it is a serious mistake to believe fanciful concoctions, especially your own.
32 Using two slow printers is cheaper, more reliable, and even faster than using one fast printer.
31 The cheaper the printer the more expensive the ink.

Pursuing "Why" is not a productive endeavor. Here is the way I explain it to my statistics students: To find associations--do observational studies. To find causes--do experiments. To answer why?--go see a Tibetan monk.

29 Determining why people do some of the stuff that they do can be perplexing. This also goes for some of the crazy shit that they think. The secret to understanding these situations lies in the PAS principle--People Are Stupid. Once you embrace the PAS principle everything in life starts to make perfect sense.
28 "All men are created equal" is a fanciful political statement. Our current understanding of evolution requires the exact opposite of this statement.
27 If you don't need money immediately then you should go out and negotiate the terms for a line of credit. Don't wait until you need the money.
26 Ridiculous ideas deserve ridicule.
25 The manager of a nuclear power plant should not get an incentive bonus. Likewise for the CEO of a too-big-to-fail bank or the manager of a deepwater oil rig. Incentive bonuses can be motivators for irresponsible risk taking.
24 The largest button on the TV remote control should be the "mute" button.
23 Unless a wealthy relative has recently died, you should not accept certified mail from a lawyer.
22 "Life insurance" is really death insurance and it is not nearly as important as buckling your seat belt.
21 An honest person usually needs more money than he/she asks for.
20 If a married woman invites you over for dinner while her husband is out of sure to put on your best underwear.
19 Union workers are better off than nonunion workers.
18 Cost increases are useful as propaganda to promote price increases.
17 Every time someone "loses" money someone else "finds" money.
16 The easiest way for a man to succeed with women is to take lots of dance lessons.
15 For your documents you should think of your portable storage, e.g. thumb drive, as the master and your hard drives as the backups. Most people have this reversed so that they have to struggle with syncing their files between home and office machines.
14 MAC is much better than PC.
13 Men like to look at pictures of naked women.
12 Most people are conditioned to react to trigger words without even considering what they mean, e.g. socialist, liberal, christian, zombie, atheist, etc.
11 The easiest way to protect yourself from the insidious attacks of Republicans is to register as a Republican.
10 Most people do not think carefully.
9 Religion, like malaria, is much more dangerous in unsophisticated places.
8 Religion, like smallpox, needs to be contained.
7 A movie is much better if you haven't seen the previews.
6 You should not listen to, nor watch, commercials.
5 For larger men (>220lbs) "one size fits all" means "too small for you big boy".
4 Portraits should be taken with minimal depth of field, i.e. a blurry background.
3 A homeless person with a puppy probably stole it from a family with two kids.
2 Dogs are wonderful.
1 Young, smart, unemployed people should learn how to make data-driven websites (April 2010).
0 Most people missed the point of the movie "King's Speech". They think it is the story of a man who overcame his stuttering to deliver a very important speech. The real story is about the gullibility of American audiences. When the two protagonists are alone in the sound room with the microphone--do you really believe that the actor (whose speciality and training is in mimicing accents and stutterers) is not the one delivering the speech?


President Obama's complaints that China is not revaluing their currency is just political cover for the Chineese leaders who actually are revaluing the Renminbi. (November 2011)