Math 250 Final Exam Notes
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Time/Date: The final exam is on Monday May 20 from 8:00-10:00AM.

Final Exam Description: The final exam has several parts--50 question multiple choice part; definitions and theorems section; problems from chapter 5; and regurgitation of formulas for integrals, derivatives, and differentials. The definitions and theorems you may be asked to state are--limit definition, continuous at a point, derivative, mean value theorem, indefinite integral, definite integral, average of a function on an interval, mean value theorem for integrals, definition of e, and of course the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. The formulas you are expected to regurgitate are (1) derivatives and differentials for sin, cos, tan, sec, powers, ln, constants, and exponential functions; and (2) integrals for sin, cos, sec^2, sec*tan, powers, reciprocal function, and exponential functions.

Special Final Exam Preparation Material:

    final exam lecture outline,
    some definitions and formulas,
    integration and differentiation practice.
    Answers for the definitions and formulas practice.
    Answers for the integration and differentiation practice.

The final exam is a NO CALCULATOR exam. Bring a scantron.

Results: Final exam grades and course grades will be posted on this website. I expect to have grades posted by Saturday May 25.

Next Math Class: If you pass this class you should register for Calculus II (Math 251). If you do not pass this class you should register for Math 250 again.